Jour 2200 Stuff

Monday, October 02, 2006

I chose a school newletter from Strickland Middle School. This newletter has credit because it is issued from an educational point of view. Educational institutes are looked highly upon by the community for serving the youth. This newsletter is pretty well laid out. I like that it Welcomes students and parents back to the school year and then displays a calender of upcoming events for the next coming month. It is good that the newletter is well aligned. The parents are generally the ones who read this. Knowing that they are of a more mature nature, this newletter is similar to a newspaper layout, which the parents can relate to and understand immediately. IT is something that they familiar with. Events are laid out to contrast each other because of their difference. The proximity of some subjects is placed correctly due to their general similarities. The repetition of upcoming dates is a great reminder of what to look forward to.
Photo Manipulation

The idea of the code of ethics behind this is that it's all about your mission and goals, personal and company. It seems to me that if you have to alter it for some reason, it isn't worth using. Personal decisions are the biggest part in manipulations. It is related to the gramatics of the literary part of the news piece. Spelling and gramatics is key to the success of a story. The change in one word could alter the whole meaning of the story. Same with a picture; it changes what it means all together. Deception is the key point. Another is ethics and the reputation at lose because of the incident. The stake is high when a person and the company it represents makes a false staement based on the news they print. Certain types and kinds of pictures represent things in a wrong light.
These guidelines are important to uphold because of their reputation to uphold and their own goals and missions. It helps students to understand the new perspective before they get out intot the world and see things in a different light, detailed and laced. They are also good guidelines for anyone in the journalism field to follow.
Copyright is the right that a creator to produce, publish, sell, or distribute their material without the worry of being copied.
The photo is credited to TIMEPIX. It is a younger photo that I had never seen before. The copyright is legal to who it belongs to.
This website shows the school picture of Jon Benet Ramsey in the pink sweater with no attribution. There is picture of her at a younger age with credit to Zuma Press Inc. A picture of their Boulder is credited to KUSA/file. There is some copyright, but the pink sweater picture is obviously not copyrighted because it is illegal.